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Are some of your family members and friends unable to attend the wedding?

As your wedding is the event of a lifetime and a memorable chapter in your journey, it is upon us to make your beloved a part of it. We will help you capture your special moments in a simple and natural manner, so that your loved ones can live the moment and emotion.

We will provide the best quality streaming and services so that we will be an integral part of wedding plans and help couples share their wedding experience. We will show them how glorious their wedding is and they will be mentally present on this occasion too, as others attend the wedding. We will stream your wedding live in the best quality by using state of the art technology, allowing you to show your wedding to all your friends and family throughout the globe with a unique URL.

A unique URL is given to you, which broadcasts your wedding LIVE. You post the URL on your social network or simply email it to your friends and family. You can also print the QR code on your wedding invitations. Once the wedding is LIVE the URL can be accessed and they can be a part of your joyous occasion.
About Us is a part of HyperSonic Media Services Pvt. Ltd. An IT consultancy and R&D company with head office in Chandigarh, India. We operate in all major cities of India and Abroad.
Our Vision Label would like to provide the service of streaming LIVE weddings across the globe, to allow family and friends watch their loved ones getting married without the need of travelling from distant locations.
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