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The wedding season is coming and preparations are on the way to deliver the best of services to your clients. Provide our Shaadi Streaming service to the soon to be wed couples and allow their family and friends to join the celebration without being physically there.

We invite all wedding planners and professional video makers to join forces in delivering this service to happy couples across India. We will provide the training and software to your team, along with competitive margins on sales.

This season add shaadistreamer to enhance your portfolio and let the world see your quality wedding service through

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About Us is a part of HyperSonic Media Services Pvt. Ltd. An IT consultancy and R&D company with head office in Chandigarh, India. We operate in all major cities of India and Abroad.
Our Vision Label would like to provide the service of streaming LIVE weddings across the globe, to allow family and friends watch their loved ones getting married without the need of travelling from distant locations.
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